Protect Your Work Culture

Powered by Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, we help detect, block, and correct harassing and discriminatory messages and emails on enterprise collaboration platforms such as G-Suite, Microsoft365, Workplace by Facebook, Slack, and more…

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Detect workplace harassment & discrimination early

Multi-Channel Monitoring

Easily connect to your communication and collaboration platforms to block and correct messages in realtime

Alert Dashboard

Review WorkSafe alerts to easily monitor and keep your workplace safe

WorkSafe is packed
with benefits

We provide tools that help companies foster a safe and healthy work environment that allows all employees to be successful
Early Risk Detection & Prevention
  • Dashboard to monitor when individuals / relationships / teams reach toxic levels
  • Strategise solutions early to prevent high legal fees and damages in reputation
Close Feedback Loop in Corporate Training
  • Block, highlight and correct harassing and discriminatory messages or emails in real time
  • Monitor individual behavioural change over time
Manage Disciplinary Steps Taken
  • Easily recall instances for investigation and employee tribunals
  • Keep track of disciplinary actions taken

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